Rules of residence *


1. Check on the basis of the passport .

2. On arrival a deposit is required per room at a rate of 1000 rubles . , Which is returned upon departure. In the absence of funds for the deposit - in the population refuses.

3. Moving - from 14.00 to 23.00 hours . Check out - till 12.00 hours.

4. Check in at night with 00.00 per hour. in consultation with the Administrator !

5. Early arrival (before 14:00 ) and late departure (after 12:00 ) is only possible in consultation with the administrator for a surcharge.

6. Persons under 18 years zaselelyayutsya accompanied by an adult .

7. Children under 6 years of consultation with the administrator.

8. For children from 6 years must purchase a sleeper !

9. 22.00 to 8.00 hours of rest time . Prohibited loud sounds .

10. It is forbidden smoking, drinking alcohol .

11. The administrator has the right to refuse to check- in any kind of intoxication or inappropriate behavior. 12. The Administrator has the right to call the PSC and evict the guest in case of infringement of the rules of residence. At the same time the return of the deposit is not made.

13. Accounting documents for the guests who came to business trips , draws administrator .


* Each mini-hotel can be your additional living conditions. Ask at the reception .




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